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Plants in a pond
Blackpool zoo
Street performer takes a fag break
Police anticipating trouble
London Underground tunnel
Wine glasses read to go...
Light filters through French window shutters
My ex-wife casts a long shadow!
Sunbathers on a French beach
Body builders posing in Formby
Pit winding gear, Astley Green Colliery Museum
Light and shadow
Blackpool promenade in the fog
French farmer displaying his vintage tractor
Family in Luxor
In Aswan children catch baby crocodiles as pets and to make some money from tourists
In the Valley of the Kings, Luxor
Giza, Cairo
Snake charmer with additional scorpion
Giant plastic T-Rex at Blackpool zoo
stag party in fancy dress
Blackpool Illuminations in the rain
Mary's Shell
Blackpool's Seawall
Pop-Art / Print project poster
The Colour Wheel poster
Art & Design In The Classroom, a 128 page booklet for art teachers
Music project
cars parked outside garage. Pencil and paint
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing", classic car themed greetings card
Launderette pending demolition, pen and ink drawing
"Man's Best Friend", classic car themed greetings card
Abandoned boats in Noirmoutier, France. Pen and ink drawing